A Private Panama Canal Full Day Experience ab EUR174.52

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Do you really want to see the 8th Engineering Marvel of the world?  This experience is for those who always wanted to learn and see the entire Panama Canal: the New and the Old Locks; the Pacific and the Atlantic side by car; the Centennial Bridge and going accross the new locks on the Atlantic side plus the Gatun Dam.  We do take short ferry accross the new locks in Colon and may drive through the old and new locks which is pretty awesome.. You may see right in front of you, the huge original doors from 1914.  By the end of the day, you would be able to say, you really have seen this incredible massive mega construction, first hand. This tour doesn’t go through the locks by boat. Important: *This tour is offered from hotels in Panama City.   * Requests from resorts outside of Panama City such as Gamboa, Playa Bonita, Decameron or Playa Blanca will have an additional cost

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