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We want to show you our very own Casco Viejo, the only way we know how, Panamanian Style. yeap! Our history is better to be told while tasting a refreshing panamanian craft beer or craft rum, trying our ceviche or overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the World Heritage Site known as Old Town (Casco Viejo).  Of, course, we can replace the rum/beer for coffee, if you choose to do this in the morning.  If you want to try our delicious raspao’s made with natural fruits, you will get served. How about a a sample of some delicious panamanian gourmet chocolates? Sounds yummy to us. And please, don’t worry because we pick you up and drop you off.  We make it easy and simple. We can’t reveal where we will take you to try some of the panamanian favorite snacks. We dont want to spoil the fun. You will looooove this experience. *This awesome tour could be done at night for a different value.

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