Classic Venice: Gondola, Doge’s Palace & St Mark’s Basilica ab EUR96.0

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We start our combination tour with a classical gondola ride, on this unique exploration of the Venetian romantic canals, unwind and relax into the gentle rhythms and movements of the Grand Canal, appreciating the skill involved in steering the gondola through the intricate waterways of the city. Your next tour starts in Saint Mark’s square. You will discover the buildings in the square and then we enter inside The Doge’s Palace “Palazzo Ducale”, a magnificent combination of Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, the centre of the Venetian Empire and the seat of the Venetian Government. It was once the residence of the Doge, the elected ruler of the city.The tour then continues into Saint Marks Basilica, which majestically symbolises the lagoon and enshrines the city’s history and Saints relics. With its awe – inspiring gold mosaics our talented guide will walk you through the church.

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