Colosseum Restricted Areas Tour: Arena and Undergrounds ab EUR64.0

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Dive in ancient history with an expert, English-speaking guide who will help you relive the glorious days of one of the most important monumental complexes in history. Take the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive access one of to the most craved areas of the Colosseum with this tour, the Undergrounds Hypogeum. The restricted areas of the Colosseum, of which the Undergrounds, have only recently opened and entrance is limited. The Undergrounds are therefore exclusive and the demand is extremely high. The Undergrounds can host up to a max of twenty-four people for a twenty-minute visit. Most visitors do not get to have the privilege of seeing it, so be sure not to miss it! With this tour, you will have a guaranteed entrance the Undergrounds Hypogeum and the world-famous sand floor of the arena. After this revealing visit, this tour will take you to the regular Colosseum areas, to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

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