Deep Dive: Osaka Food Markets from Local to Luxurious! ab EUR42.96

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Ohhhh Tokyo, with your big corporate headquarters and massive mobs of people doing very important things. And then Kyoto, with your high culture, fancy temples, gardens, and refinement. Yay. But this is OSAKA, and — how to put it nicely? — we don’t care about your charmed lives. We care about eating.Come see (1) an upscale department store marketplace, (2) the famous Kuromon Ichiba, where delicacies raw and cooked clamor for your tongue, (3) a Japanese infused Korea Town where few tourists venture to tread, and (4) a historic neighborhood resplendent with meats, fish, vegetables, plus other staples and stupefieables catering to locals. At your side will be a native English speaking, friendly, Osaka-infused soul, eager to explain every little aspect of this big world of food. Get ready to dig in on this adventure of sights, smells, and flavors!

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