Half-Day Osaka 4-Hour Off-The-Beaten Track Walking Tour ab EUR43.85

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This is your tour if you demand both the big sights, as well as a walk on the local side. Your guide will be a native English speaker who also speaks Japanese, guaranteed. The first stop on this 4-hour walking tour is Osaka Castle Park. The castle itself is beautiful on the outside, and in a lovely park. You’ll also take in some nice views and be able to immerse yourself in nature. Next, it’s off to Osaka’s famous Koreatown, which is actually fairly Japanese at this point, but more importantly a vibrant slice of old Japan. This is a known local shopping neighborhood with open markets galore. From there, the tour visits southern entertainment quarters, Tennoji and Shin-Sekai. Finally, a Shinsaibashi to Namba exploration, ending near manga nirvana. Here, you can catch the famous “running man” scene at Dotombori, then end the tour in an even deeper Namba area, in the cooking supplies district.

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