Nice Wood Cabin at the beautiful San Blas Islands ab EUR308.77

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If you always dreamed with staying on an island, right next to crystal clear caribbean waters, just like the post card, we have it for you!Clean, comfortable Private wood cabin at the indigenous reservation of Guna Yala.Peaceful, quiet, beautiful island with apprxoximate 20 cabins all around plus guests camping.Gunas are in harmony with nature and do not alter it, therefore, this is not a 5 stars hotel, is a wood cabin built by the indigenous people. These cabins are awesome year round and they are a limited number. We take care of everything, you just relaaaax and enjoy.When you choose to visit San Blas, you should do so with an open mind, we must respect the traditions of their gunas inhabitants and show appreciation for their efforts.Please understand this is an island, a tropical island with all that implies.What a fantastic experience, away from the noise of the city.

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