Private Historical Jewish Tour of Lisbon ab EUR38.0

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Discover the history of the Jewish Quarters!With three thousand years of history, Lisbon overflows with influences of Sephardic presence.Lisbon’s Jewish community came to develop a unique culture that was the reflection of their total social integration, which was only broken after the Renaissance.Get into the sounds, smells and beauty of Lisbon’s ancient alleyways, full of Sephardic memories.We will take you to the neighbourhoods where the biggest Jewish community in Europe inhabited for centuries: Chiado, Baixa and Alfama.Discover why, even today, you can feel Sephardic influences, all over the town.We will tell you why Jewish community was important for Portuguese Golden Age of Discoveries and we will tell about the intellectuals, the mathematicians, the cabalists, …At the end of the tour, you will visit the Synagogue Ohel Jacob, where you will be received by one of its members.

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